What is Health & Wellness Solution (HWS)

Through Wellness kiosks placed at hospitals, clinics, public area (e.g. shopping malls) and offices, users can take their vital readings regularly, allowing them to easily monitor their well-being.

HWS apps/reports to allow user to keep track of their well-being, set fitness goal, fitness tips and get rewarded for staying healthy!

HWS portal & smart analytical functions for insurers/corporate clients to better understand wellness of their clients/employees, push content, tips and messages, promote relevant events and programmes to encourage healthy living at home and workspace and many more.

Health & Wellness Solution Quick Facts




Fat Free Mass

Muscle Mass

Metabolic Age

Body Fat

Body Water

SPO2 & Heart Rate

Visceral Fat

Bone Mass

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Ecosystem of Station, Cloud & Apps


Google API


Health & Wellness Solution in Corporate
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